Mobile flood protection

It consists of interconnected watertight units made of waterproof industrial fabric and a metal support structure. The support structure consists

of L-shaped support frame legs, rigid and flexible spacer bars. They can be connected in any number.

The tarpaulin used as watertight units is suspended on the support structure. The tarpaulin extends on the ground beyond the foot of the L-shaped support structure on the flooding side. Their side edges overlap and, due to the pressure of the flowing water, they are tensioned on the steel frame of the support structure, thus becoming self-locking. The dam thus eliminates the lateral opening of the water sealing units connected to each other. 

The stability of the assembled dam system is based on the physical law that the vertical force of a water column is twice that of the horizontal forces. Thus, when the level of flooding water rises, the weight of the water column on the tarpaulin spread on the ground stabilizes the dam while not displacing the support elements. The higher the level of flooding water, the more stable the dam becomes. The shape of the dam can be shaped and made into

a closed unit which can be turned in any direction. As a result, it can be used as a receiving pool for water, other liquids or even bulk materials.

With a length of 100 meters and a height of 1.5 meters, Stripdam requires a team of two, one hours and no specialized knowledge or tools to set up. It can be installed on any terrain and surface. It is easy to clean after use. Storage and transportation require very little space, maintenance is extremely economical. Environment-friendly and pollution-free. Stripdam requires no landscaping whatsoever. The Stripdam can be set up to any length and height. Patent pending.